Medical Affairs - RPE Associate Manager
Medical Affairs - RPE Associate Manager
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Regional Professional Education (RPE)  Associate Manager  - Hematology

区域专业教育副经理 - 血液领域

Number of Headcounts: 5

Location: 北京/天津; 上海/杭州; 广州; 成都; 南京

Job Purpose

- Adapt central PE strategy to regional PE strategy, suggest action plan and regional PE project surrounding the relevant therapeutic area and product based on customers' needs;

- Ensure succeed implementation of Central and Regional Professional Education events and programs in high-quality and high-compliance way; Work with central PE, MSL team, EMT to provide guidance, support etc. to ensure cascade and Regional education events execution successfully;

- Responsible for budget tracking and adjustment to the relevant PE programs;

- Develop regional TA KOLs and build interactive strategic cooperation with the regional KOLs and professional associations. Develop regional speakers and make engagement plan;

- Keep long term effective relationship with physicians and KOLs, as well as internal customers like sales team/ MSL/MKT/MAnGA/HCC/Legal etc.


- Working with team to contribute for Professional Education strategy development;

- Sharing the insight from view of medical perspective to Central PE team, BU in BP planning, key projects' design;

- Making alignment of regional professional education strategy, plans and activities within organizations (including Medical Affairs and Business Unit);

- Work with other Medical Functions to develop high-quality education contents for regional education events;

- Drive internal partners to ensure Medical Education events implement successfully;

- Responsible for budget tracking and reporting to the relevant ME events. Monitor timeline and manage project to conclusion and implementation;

- Ensure all programs are in compliance with regulatory, HCC, legal guidelines, and company policies;

- PKI tracking and reporting to relative Medical Education programs (key performance indicators);

- Build the XJP/TA reputation through high-qualified regional Professional Education programs;

- Establish and manage an external regional network of agencies, associations, investigators, KOLs and physicians in order to further develop and implement the Medical Education strategy within the therapy area(s);

- Provide support to EMT/MSL team in their interactions with the external scientific community, resolving issues as required;

- Continuously update the knowledge of disease management, products updates, latest developments of industry and best practices of relevant therapy areas and products;

- Allocate time appropriately to conduct responsibilities and tasks such as status reports, expense reports, etc.;

- Complete appraisal and provide appropriate developmental feedback for staff personnel;

- Respond in a timely manner to internal and external customer requests;

- Manage time and activities of self and staff to correspond with the annual planning calendar;

- Effectively evaluate materials and programs from appropriate vendors and in-house departments.


- English writing and oral communication;

- Flexibility for some domestic and international travels;

- Proven skills at developing and managing varied relationships within and outside the company;

- High customer and external industry insight;

- Experienced in development of educational programmes;

- Good communication skill to show PE programs value;

- killed at understanding scientific data and translating it into effective education and communications materials;

- Organizational skills, project management, time-management skills;

- Adherence to Johnson & Johnson Credo and have the right compliance mindset;

- Bachelor and above degree. Academic background with a scientific/medical or marketing degree is preferred;

- 4-year or above working experience and 3-year or above Pharm industry/business experience;

- 2 years or above of Marketing and/or Medical experience in the relevant therapeutic area;

- A good understanding of the varying medical and marketing practices and perspectives across China, regional and overseas experience is a plus; 

- Good planning and tracking skills;

- Strong oral and written communication skills. 

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杭州 广州 成都 北京 上海



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