Account Management Coordinator
Account Management Coordinator 150-180/天
深圳 | 经验不限 | 硕士
1. Provide administrative assistance to the LAM Department which includes but not limited to:      a. Assist CAM/GSM for presentation set up including preparing presentation material, reserving meeting room and equipment, arranging transportation means, etc.      b. Preparing quotation in a way necessary to conform to the standard practices and assist in RFQ.      c. Assist the department and CAMs in different kinds of filing.   2. Assist the CAMs as the ‘Backup’ in handling simple customer inquiries, simple bidding requests and co-ordinate with the customer service teams & Operations teams from different products to resolve simple problems.   3. Preparing cargo tracking report for designated accounts when required, checking shipment status for reporting using E.CMS, CFIT, E.XPO, etc.   4. Assist the GSM/CAMs in consolidating, reviewing, and generating weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports for designed accounts for various purposes.   5. Assist the CAMs in performing customer service reviews, customer satisfaction surveys, and making analysis for the designated accounts.   6. Meeting customers with GSM & CAM whenever required.   7. Assist the CAMs in handling some of the offshore shipments, coordinating with different Far East and other origin offices to perform and meet the customers different requirements.   8. Assist in providing and updating product information, market information, and competitors’ information.   9.  Disclaimer Statement: To take up additional assignments as required meeting with the Company needs.

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