Data scientist Intern
Data scientist Intern 120-150/天
发布于 5月20日
Job DescriptionTitle: Data Scientist Intern (Deep Learning Team) Role Summary/Purpose You will be at the forefront of developing analytics to support GE’s Industrial Internet Solutions in the Aviation business. Participate in Aviation industry big data processing, modeling and algorithm development to drive insight of operation efficiency, maintenance cost, services and asset optimization. Essential Responsibilities In this role, you will •      Work with the project team to analyze the dataset for business insights. •      Participate in software framework design and implementation •      Apply machine learning and deep learning algorithms to develop the model •      Deliver the solution to the customer •      Proactively share information across the team Qualifications/Requirements Major in Computer Science, Mathematics, Applied Statistics, or relevant subjects Familiar with the Python program and related big data packages Familiar with Object Oriented Programming and class design Natural Language Processing or Recommendation System experience is a plus Strong motivation for learning new technology Good rational ability, communication, inter-personal skills Great passion in big data, machine learning, and AI