Data Scientist (Flight Analytics)
Data Scientist (Flight Analytics) 120-150/天
发布于 5月20日
Job DescriptionJob Title: Data Scientist (Flight Analytics) Role Summary: *   Work with external customer/project owner/technical staff to understand analytics/services requirements & vision, develop analytics to address their needs and opportunities. *   Learn and use EMS (GE’s tool) to solve service ticket from external customers, including data onboarding, data processing and data visualization *   Work with data engineers on data quality assessment, data cleansing and data analytics. *   Perform exploratory and targeted data analyses using descriptive statistics and other methods. *   Look at the numbers, trends, and data and come to new conclusions based on the findings. *   Generate analysis report or interactive visualization using proper tool. (office, EMS, tableau, jmp, python, R and etc.) *   Work on core data aggregation, validation and algorithms development and implement them using technology chosen Skillset: *    Major in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or Aviation relevant subjects *    Ability to analyze large datasets including statistical analysis or modeling *   Ability to write comprehensive analysis reports *   Strong learning capability to learn EMS, to understand the data and the meaning, to transfer the requirement into proper analysis problem and to communicate with domain expertise in their language.